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• 5/2/2015

dayan fusions whoowhoo

1. choose two or more dayans (they dont have to be your own)

2. create a dayan that shares similarities in appearance with all the dayans you chose in step 1

3. create a description for the dayan (optional)

4. post it here wowie


mint choc


raspberry swirl

i created a fusion of akseblob, petoto and gelumor called gelpeblob

it is very amaze water/ice type


gelpeblobs live in very dark and muddy areas of the ocean which have not been explored. they are very often found washed up on the shore, however, where people take them in and keep them as either pets or use them in battle. once found on shore, it is very difficult to capture them, as they move at very quick speeds, and if they feel threatened, they will spit freezing saliva at whom they think is attacking them. they are great dayans for battle, as they can evade attacks easily with their speed, and are resistant against most extreme conditions.

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• 5/2/2015

no one will prob see this tho cuz the wiki is ded

but i am alive

and im trying so hard to revive it but its not working forgive me wabwabwbahbwahb

• 5/2/2015
another fusion called crinimari

normal type fab thing


crinimari are innocent creatures that are very easy to find and catch. they will only attack if forced to. they enjoy playing games such as hide and seek (which they usually enjoy playing in caves) and tag. they strongly dislike water, as they are made of timber, which becomes soggy when coming in contact with water. they appear to be talented dancers.

• 5/2/2015
oop rare thing

gray-pink colour scheme + extra ear/hair/urmum

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