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 General Information
Full Name Aeropârla
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling No
Type(s) Flying/Dragon
Rarity Rare
Species Gliding lizard
 Battle Info
Catch Points 0
HP 10
ATK 30
DEF 25
SPD 29
RES 60
< N/A N/A >
Aeropârla is a dual Flying/Dragon type Dayan.

There are no evolutions to be found.


Smaller than an average Gecko, Aeropârla has a soft skin, though it is often seen as a reptile. Its colors are vibrant, but it can still camouflage in the night. The arms have a bony extension, which the membrane extends from. The strands are made out from gelatinous tissue, but don't have any use at all.


Aeropârlas glide in a very delicate manner, in a circular motion. They live in the highest treetops of the rain forests. They glide down when they need food. They don't have many predators, as they can climb trees quickly, to the safety. They also breed very rarely.


  • Aeropârlas don't like meat and diary products. Fruits and nuts are their main menu, but won't hesitate to eat a Derpflai if they see one.
  • In the medieval times, Aeropârlas were hunted for for their skin, which was used for reinforcing random objects.
    • Nowadays, it is illegal to hunt Aeropârlas. Doing this will make you end up in jail for 30 years.


Aeropârla's name come from two words (Aero/pârla).

  • Aero: It refers to flight.
  • Pârla: Comes from the word "Șopârla", which means "lizard" in Romanian.


Aeropârla could be based mostly on a salamander rather than a lizard.


Nature Variation

Aeropârla has no other natural variations that are currently known.

Gender Variation

Aeropârla has no other gender variations that are currently known.

Alterable Forms

Aeropârla has no other alterable forms that are currently known.

Rare Variation

Aeropârla has a rare variation based on dimensions. Aeropârla's rare variation increases its strands quite a lot. Aeropârla rare


None at the moment.