• Pepearl

    Dayan Quiz 2.0

    May 5, 2015 by Pepearl

    New levels every Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

    1. What is this wiki called?

    2. What colour(s) is the wiki logo?

    1. Who is the founder of the wiki?

    2. How many Dayan types are there?

    3. How many Dayan guardians are there?

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  • Hypno1337

    Not enough activity.

    January 18, 2014 by Hypno1337

    Activity has slowed significantly.

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  • GlazeRedwood

    (DayanName) is a (1 Type= (DayanType)-type Dayan/2 Types= dual-type (PrimaryType)/(SecondaryType) Dayan.

    Pick any of the below format, depending on evolution.

    • NoEvolve = It is not known to evolve into or from any other dayan
    • Evolve1/3 = It evolves into (Evolution) and finally into (FinalEvolution)
    • Evolve2/3 = It evolves from (PreEvolution) and into (Evolution)
    • Evolve3/3 = It evolves from (PreEvolution) and is the final evolution of (FirstEvolution)

    • What it looks like
    • Must be in one paragraph
    • Must cover at least 2 lines in edit page

    • Write about general information of dayan
      • Natural habitats and why
      • Natural behavior
      • Tales and folklore
    • Must have at least 2 paragraphs
      • Each have to be based on different information
      • Each must have at least 3 sentences
      • Each must c…

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  • Hypno1337

    General stat numbers

    November 27, 2013 by Hypno1337

    One confusing thing is, with stats what is a "High" stat.

    So if one wanted a heavily armored dayan, what sort of numbering would give a high amount of defence without it becoming overpowered? Having a general thing to base it off of would help.

    What is a "low" amount of a stat?

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  • TheRidley


    November 25, 2013 by TheRidley

    These are the ideas I had a while ago, Hopefully you guys read this :o, I currently only have these ideas. I will update them when I get other good ideas!

    It would be cool if there was a type of dayan that isn't catchable, something like evil dayan, they could also be predators to certain dayan. Certain dayan that have a higher predator chance for a specific predator/evil dayan can attract that predator dayan more often than others. Some predator/evil dayan can only be found in specific places too!

    Dark Lands can have higher chances of having predator/evil dayan lurking around it, It can also have a slightly higher chance of encountering rare variation dayan!

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  • GlazeRedwood

    An Idea Of Dayan Battles

    November 18, 2013 by GlazeRedwood

    Here is basically a few screenshots I made for the upcoming battling system. This is just to give you a basic idea on how it looks like.

    (A screenshot of Obscremor using Chilled Stiff on a Stotem)

    (A screenshot of Pebbuff using Timidity while battling a Toxlug)

    (A screenshot of Allerta using Demoralize on a Venox)

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  • GlazeRedwood

    Dayan Template Fix

    November 17, 2013 by GlazeRedwood

    As you may notice, the Dayan template has a little bug in its biodata, the species. While editting it, you will see it as status, and thus may confuse you to write things like "single". However, once you look it in preview, it will appear as species. Therefore, I guess I have no other option but to fix this to prevent anymore future confusions. 

    However, there is a slight little bug that the dayan pages will encounter. Once I change this tiny little problem, every single thing that is written in "status|species" will be deleted, and a new correct one will appear. This correct one will replace the old one completely, therefore anything that is written in the "status|species" section will be deleted and thus need to be re-editted.

    I am informi…

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  • GlazeRedwood

    The Sound-Type

    November 16, 2013 by GlazeRedwood

    • Flying
    • Bug
    • Psychic

    • Normal
    • Fighting
    • Normal
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Plant
    • Electric
    • Dragon
    • Ghost

    • Ground
    • Rock
    • Metal
    • Ice


    • Bug
    • Plant

    • Normal
    • Fighting
    • Flying
    • Normal
    • Rock
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Electric
    • Psychic
    • Ice
    • Dragon
    • Ghost

    • Ground
    • Metal

    • Dark
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  • Overniusher


    November 16, 2013 by Overniusher

    Flufallow is a Normal Dayan. It evolves into a Fiemore

    Fluffalow's name comes from two words (Fluffy/Marshmallow)

    • Fluffy - What it feels when squeezing
    • Marshmallow - What it is

    This Dayan is usually in Convenience store. They are peaceful but sometimes fight with each other.

    • They don't call it fighting, they call it playing. They don't hurt each other because they're fluffy.

    It doesn't have a rare variation but has a female version. Its eyes are pink and has a ribbon.

    Am I allow to make this a page?

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  • Pepearl


    November 14, 2013 by Pepearl

    1. What type(s) is Lutari? -ANSWERED BY EMERALDGREENY-

    2. What dayan is a Dragon/Flying type?

    3. What type is the move Scary Clown?

    4. What dayan(s) are Water/Ghost type(s)? -ANSWERED BY GLAZEREDWOOD-

    5. When was Marina's page made?

    1. What was the first ever dayan created on the wiki? -ANSWERD BY GLAZEREDWOOD-

    2. What does Patturplop's name derive from? -ANSWERED BY OVERNIUSHER-

    3. What type does not have a pokemon equivalent? -ANSWERED BY HYPNO1337-

    4. What dayan type does Angel specialize in?

    5. What are Bounseed and Mileseed based on?

    6. What is greeny's friend's first dayan? -ANSWERED BY HYPERKING HESHAM-

    1. How does Caswan evolve?

    2. Owning a Silkwan costs how much? -ANSWERED BY OVERNIUSHER-

    3. What two dayan in the same evolutionary line are known as t…

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  • Overniusher


    November 13, 2013 by Overniusher

    Hypney is a Normal Dayan.

    Hypney name comes from two words (Hypnotize/Coney)

    • Hypnotize - What it does
    • Coney - What it is(rabbit)

    This Dayan is usually peaceful but when it gets into a fight or gets mad, it hypnotizes its enemy to attack itself. Usually found in North and South America

    • It was a combination of 2 endangered Dayans that are extinct now.

    Hypney's variation is based on color. It has a red tint.

    Am I allow to make this a page?

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  • GlazeRedwood

    In this blog, we will be planning on what in pokemon is called the gym leaders and the elite four. Tell me what you think

    Guardian Town/City Type Info Strategy Reward
    Hills Iterium Town Ground

    Works part time to mine element stones

    Uses stone-buffed dayan Gives the Bronze Pickaxe


    Cherrich Town Dark

    A little girl with an astonishing reputation

    Uses dayan with attacks that flinches Grants the ability to use Flash


    Fulivia City Normal

    A normal guy, except his wealth and love of battling

    Every single one of his dayan learnt Charm

    Gives you the Serene Card

    Blaze Balrog Town Fire

    Hot to the looks and hot to the touch

    Battles in a battlefield with sunny weather  Gives you the Air Lock move
    Rose Fawntellier Town Plant

    Caring but merciless  during battle

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  • GlazeRedwood

    Upcoming Attacks

    November 10, 2013 by GlazeRedwood

    In this blog, I would like to list upcoming attacks for the new battling feature. You all are free to give your ideas.

    • Timidity - The user's spirits become more and more eager to dodge attacks
      • Increases the user's speed by 80% for 2 turns
      • Decreases the user's attack by 80% for 2 turns
    • Demoralize - Causes the opponent's morale to battle to drop dramatically
      • Decreases all opponent's stats by 2 stat points
    • Purify - Creates a purifying aura around the user restoring it to its normal status
      • Removes any status effects
    • Shiny - Tackles the opponent in a stylish way
      • Deals a fair amount of damage
      • Causes the user to be moralized
    • Victory Dance - The user dances in joy after defeating and enemy, causing its morale to rise
      • Can only be used when the opponent's health is …

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  • Emeraldgreeny

    Mah Ideas c:

    November 7, 2013 by Emeraldgreeny

    Yeah so I was talking with Fish on chat and I need to write everything.

    So. The Dayan Types

    My way >:'D

    I think it should be like this:

    • Earthling
      • Organic
        • Animalistic
          • Water, Fire, Ground, etc.
        • Non-Animalistic
          • Water, Fire BLAH
        • Humanoid
          • Water, Blah
      • Unorganic
        • Animalistic, Non-Animalistic, Humanoid
    • Alien
      • Organic, Unorganic
        • Animalistic, Non-Animalistic, Humanoid

    Also, More types:

    ONLY Non-Animalistic: Food type

    Organic/Unorganic: Sound type


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  • Pepearl


    November 7, 2013 by Pepearl

    This ish a list of categories I think should be made :o

    -Dayan that do not evolve

    -Dayan in a 1-stage evolutionary line

    -Dayan in a 2-stage evolutionary line

    -Dayan in a 3-stage evolutionary line

    -Dual-type Dayan

    -Monotype Dayan

    PS: Are we going to make a list number thing eventually? Whatever it's going to be called (Before you say pokemon-cliche it's on the infobox)

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  • GlazeRedwood

    Creating Dayans

    November 5, 2013 by GlazeRedwood

    In this blog, I would like to talk about creating new Dayans. This blog is made to show you the yes's and no's of page creating.

    Firstly, I would like to talk about the first thing you should do before creating, which is making a picture. Before creating a page, one should already have a picture created. If you don't have one saved in your computer, don't even think of clicking that "Create a page" button. When you've already created a page but does not have a picture for it, you will have trouble trying to come up with an idea, leading to "improper" pictures that may not suit to your wishes. Therefore, it is best to take some time to come up with an idea and draw it in your computer/laptop/whatever before you create a page.

    Secondly, I woul…

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  • Frozina

    Inactive for a bit

    November 2, 2013 by Frozina laptop's screen is broken and it's a pain to open any browser on there

    Also I must day wroting this on a phone is even harder to do


    I realize I put day instead of say but I can't corrwxt it on my phone. Ehh

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  • Pepearl

    Dayan Ideas

    October 26, 2013 by Pepearl

    'i am a pineapple!' -Fishy

    Hallo, I have thought of more ideas, tell me what you think (obviously) :3

    I mentioned this before on the page for types - we should make types that don't have pokemon equivalents :O

    please not light

    I haven't came up with many, but here they are:

    seriously don't suggest light please


    Any Dayan related to or based on anything related to astronomical thingies would fit with this type :o

    EG: Lunocte and Lunern could be Dark/Astro


    I was thinking we could rename Dragon to this type so you could fit more Dayan into the type EG Dinosaurs, ancient things, mythical creatures etc

    EG: this doesn't need an example

    -A type that..

    ..has no strengths or weaknesses, offensively or defensively. Pretty muc…

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  • GlazeRedwood

    No more dull, boring Times New Roman text be seen everytime we're at the wiki anymore. The new banner is up, but we need your help to give your opinion about it. Comment about how you differentiate the new one with the last.

    • No swearing, even if you're giving a negative response.
    • No arguing
    • No spamming
    • No vandalising
    Anyone who disobeys the rules above will be given a short ban.
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  • GlazeRedwood

    Dayan Guide

    October 11, 2013 by GlazeRedwood

    This is a blog post on what we recommend your Dayan be like.


    It is not advised to make Dayan which has humanoid features. This is so that the Dayan created looks original. A little bit of humanoid features are allowed if you think it would improve the looks.

    Something Natural

    It is highly advised to make a Dayan that doesn't look too much like things that originally exist. For instance, it is not recommended to just take a doll and suddenly add a smily on it. Instead, you can change a few features such as colors or repositioning of its features. This is to make sure the Dayan looks like something that comes from nature, and not just a creepy creation of a mad scientist.

    Blend up clothes

    It is not advised to add clothes to Dayan, as th…

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  • GlazeRedwood

    Article Guide

    September 16, 2013 by GlazeRedwood

    Here is the format for Dayan articles:

    (Dayan) is a (If two types, add dual type) (Type)/(Secondary type if available) Dayan. (It evolves into (Evolution if available))(and evolves from (Pre-evolution if available))

    (Dayan)'s name comes from (# words/a word) (phrase/phrase if available++)

    • (Phrase 1) - (Description of phase 1)
    • (Phrase 2) - (Description of phase 2)++

    (Brief explaination about simple facts of created Dayan such as nature, habitat etc.)

    • (Things that may be out of the ordinary or may be a bit more informative and complex)

    (Dayan) has a rare variation based on (color/number). (Explain feature of rare variation that is different than its normal variation)

    (Insert picture of rare variation)

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