Borrill is a dualtype ground/ghost Dayan.

NoEvolve = It is not known to evolve into or from any other dayan currently. === Appearance===

A eyeless drill-looking creature, partially liquid..


  • A usually solid floating creature, although has always seems very flexible and fluid-like, it can near effortlessly bore holes through rock and granite alike, it's unable to do so to living things however, it usually takes a lot of effort to do and serious damage to living things.
  • It's usually rare, un-agressive and likes to keep to itself however, few attacks have been reported. However it is known that the most powerful ones are more than capable of boring holes through living things fairly easily.
  • The purple goo leaking from it, makes it's ghost powers far more powerful, however drains its overall strength, eventually it learns to control the flow, eather expelling more to enchance it's ghost powers however it means sacrificing strength for ground type attacks, or it can lower the amount leaking to allow it to do far better ground attacks.


By LevelEdit

Move Type Level
Drill Ground 1 (Level /10 rounded down x 10 + 30 = damage)
Liquid Drill Ghost 10
Patch Ghost 15
Expell Ghost 15

By [[Scroll]

Move Type Level
More More I SAY MORE!!!



Borrill's name comes from Bore and drill.

  • Bore: It bores holes
  • Drill: It's drill like body.


Initially a mono-ground type, it seemed interesting to make it seemingly part-fluid.