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 General Information
Full Name Bunnice
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Ice
Rarity Rare
Species Snowflake Dayan
 Battle Info
Catch Points 30
HP 30
ATK 40
DEF 40
SPD 50
RES 60
< N/A Glaceope >
Bunnice is an Ice-type Dayan.

It evolves into Glaceope when given a Lunar Gem.


Bunnice looks like a white bunny. It has four small legs of which two of them are located relatively close to its face. It has a fur collar with a dark line running along it. It has ears with a dark stripe resembling ice crystals, as well as its tail. There is another dark line running along its lower body. It has black eyes with white pupils.


Bunnice are creatures that likes to live in areas where the temperatures are frosty. Because of this, they are often only seen at the coldest areas, such as tall, icy mountains. However, some claim to have found this creature lurking in warmer areas, such as rainforests and plains.

Bunnice have one of the longest hibernation period of all dayans. However, instead of hibernating through winter, they actually hibernate through all the other three seasons with a solid 9 months. This is because no matter how cold their habitat is, bunnice actually prioritizes the position and size of the moon and the sun rather than surrounding temperature.

Although they do not get their mystical powers until they evolve into a Glaceope, some believe that bunnice may actually have powers just like its evolution. However, this power is stored inside them and can only be controlled when a bunnice has gained the energy inside a lunar gem. Because of this, some people has actually tried to raise bunnice and try and get them to learn powerful magic moves, which is not known as of yet from any bunnice in the world.


By Level

Move Type Level
Tackle Normal 2
Evade Flying 5
Ice Beam Ice 20
Chilled Stiff Ice 25
Hypnosis Psychic 32

By ScrollEdit

Move Type Level
Blizzard Ice 18
Ice Spike Ice 25
Frost Blast Ice 30
Ice Iced Ice 40


  • Bunnice's design may be based off the snow rabbit, a species of rabbit that lives in cold forest areas.


Bunnice's name comes from two words, bunny and ice.

  • Bunny - This refers to bunnice, which is based on a white bunny.
  • Ice - This refers to bunnice's type and nature of loving the cold


Nature VariationsEdit

Bunnice has no other nature variations that are currently known.

Gender VariationsEdit

Bunnice has no other gender variations that are currently known

Alternate FormsEdit

Bunnice has no other alternate forms that are currently known

Rare VariationsEdit

Bunnice has a rare variation based on its color. The fur of bunnice's rare variation has a much darker tone.