Created by GlazeRedwood
 General Information
Full Name Capflorem
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Template:UNK
Type(s) Water - Plant
Rarity Rare
Species Flower Trap
 Battle Info
Catch Points 60
HP 60
ATK 60
DEF 50
SPD 40
RES 40
< Capilium N/A >
Capflorem is a dual-type Water/Plant Dayan. It evolves from Capilium.


Capflorem's name comes from two words (Cap/Florem)

  • Cap - Comes from the word capture
  • Florem - Latin for "flower"


Capflorem flips their body upright with the mouth sticking out of the water. This attracts prey such as frogs and bugs after which they would consume them with a mouth hidden in the flower.


  • Capflorem has been used traditionally as easy, automated pest traps in swamps to prevent mosquitoes.

Rare VariationEdit

Capflorem has a rare variation based on its color. Capflorem's rare variation has a more purple body.


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