Cervisi is a dual type Psychic/Bug Dayan. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Dayan.

 General Information
Full Name Cervisi
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Psychic/Bug
Rarity Uncommon
Species Brain Bug Dayan
 Battle Info
Catch Points 30
HP 45
ATK 25
DEF 55
SPD 65
RES 35
< N/A N/A >


Cervisi's body consists of a pink shape that resembles a human brain. It's body has swirling patterns over it. Cervisi has three pairs of short legs, like any typical insect. It's head consists of an oval-like shape with a pair of eyes which are usually closed and a pair of antenna. There are yellow and blue orbs floating above the antenna. There is a light blue aura around the cervisi.


Cervisi try to camouflage themselves by tucking their head and legs under their torso, making themselves look like a brain; this usually fails. Cervisi have large brains, and are very intelligent beings, although are physically very weak. To remedy this, cervisi find bigger and stronger dayan, wait until they are asleep, and then bury into their brain and control them for a while. Cervisi's anntena carry knowledge from the brain to the orbs floating above the anntena - the orbs then convert the knowledge into psychic waves which cervisi use in battle. The smarter the cervisi, the stronger the psychic waves are. The aura around a cervisi is an indicator of how smart a cervisi is (as well as the power of their psychic waves) - the stronger and brighter the aura, the more knowledge the cervisi holds.


Via LevelEdit

Move Type Level
Tackle Normal 1
Swarm Bug 2
Clear Sight Psychic 9
Disconnect Psychic 18

Via ScrollEdit

Move Type Level
Poison Sting Poison 22
Hypnosis Psychic 26
Ultrasound Wave Sound 32



Cervisi comes from two words. (Cerveau/Kisi)

  • Cerveau - The french word for brain.
  • Kisi - A corruption of kisei, part of the japanese word for parasite (Kiseichū).


Cervisi's design is inspired by parasitic insects which have the ability to bury into small animal's brains (e.g slugs) and control them. Many aspects of cervisi's behaviour comes from attributes typically associated with brains (wisdom, etc.).


Natural VariationEdit

Cervisi has no natural variations that are currently known.

Gender VariationEdit

Cervisi has no gender variations that are currently known.

Rare VariationEdit

Cervisi has a rare variation based on colour. It's aura is missing, and it's colours are more saturated. Usually, these cervisi are rather unintelligent.