Chevera is a dual-type Fighting/Flying Dayan. It is not known to evolve into or from any Dayan.

 General Information
Full Name Chevera
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Fighting/Flying
Rarity Rare
Species Righteous
 Battle Info
Catch Points 15
HP 75
ATK 50
DEF 50
SPD 50
RES 50
< N/A N/A >


Chevera's body consists of two wings and two legs. There are formations on the top of each wing which resemble shoulder-plates. Chevera's feather are a gray-red or blue colour, and their legs are dark crimson or royal blue. Chevera's head consists of a circular shape, with two large, dark crimson or royal blue eyes and a silver beak that resembles a sword. There are bright red or blue feathers on the top of their heads which resemble the plume on a Roman helmet.


Chevera are divided into the red chevera and the blue chevera. Cheveras form their own tribes which consist of only one colour of chevera. Red and blue cheveras are extremely hostile towards each other for unknown reasons. Cheveras only battle or attack when they believe it is the right thing to do. When they see a human who is in a pinch, they will try their hardest to the most they can to help them. Cheveras are not flightless, but not many of them use their wings for flight - instead, they use them as arms. If a chevera is saved by a human while in a pinch, they will stay by their side until they save the human that previously saved them. If that chevera starts to grow close to that human, it may not leave once they save that human.


Via LevelEdit

Move Type Level
Evade Flying 4
Timidity Normal 8
Vengence Normal 14
Jet Stream Flying 20
Chop Fighting 28
Aerial Drop Flying 34

Via ScrollEdit

Move Type Level
Relaxing Breeze Flying 20
Combo Fighting 30
Kamikaze Flying 40



Chevera's name comes from two words. (Chevalier/Ensifera)

  • Chevalier - A word with similar meaning to Knight.
  • Ensifera - Part of the scientific name for Swordbilled Hummingbirds.


Chevera's concept is a pun on Swordbilled Hummingbirds. Chevera also has design aspects which are inspired by knights, the plume on it's head, for example.


Natural VariationEdit

Cheveras are separated into the blue and the red - these two variations of chevera are very hostile towards each other.

Gender VariationEdit

Chevera has no gender variations that are currently known.

Rare VariationEdit

Chevera has a rare variation. Rare var. cheveras have no colour, and are neutral in the tension between blue and red cheveras.
Their parents usually kick them out of their tribe, and they learn how to sustain themselves in the wild.