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 General Information
Full Name Chieflame
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Fire - Dark
Rarity Rare
Species Chieftain Dayan
 Battle Info
Catch Points 50
HP 40
ATK 60
DEF 40
SPD 60
RES 40
< Flaminion N/A >
Chieflame is a dual-type Fire/Dark Dayan.

It evolves from Flaminion when given a Royal Gem.


Chieflame body consists of a dark, grayish robe with two orange zig-zag stripes on it. Its head is composed of a single mask with a stream of flames running around it. These flames have different tones in an alternate pattern, starting with a dark tone from the left. It also has a collar made of flames around its neck which is connected to a single arm. This arm has no fingers but instead ends with a blade.


Chieflame live in dirt burrows under the forest floor. It leads a colony of flaminions so certain tasks and battles can be settled. When no other tasks are available, chieflame will supervise its flaminions on their work to make sure that everything is running smoothly. 

 A chieflame is chosen wisely from a whole colony of flaminions, going through a whole lot of processes on testing each candidate. This includes withstanding a waterfall to keep their flame mask from burning out and even battle at least one intruder on a one on one battle. When a candidate is finally elected, it will be given a royal gem while the losing candidates get sacrificed in a fire.

 When a battle strikes, usually due to trespassers, chieflame would give orders on attacking intruders and create smart and tactical strategies. However, when its strategy is not working very well, the chieflame may have to settle it alone in a one on one duel. Though they rarely show up on the battlefield, chieflame may actually pack quite a powerful punch.


This is a list of attacks chieflame is able to learn.

Move Type Level Scroll
Dancing Flames Fire 20 No
Engulf Fire 24 Yes
Ego Dark 25 Yes
Boiling Point Fire 28 No



Chieflame's name comes from two words, chief and flame.

  • Chief - This refers to chieflame which has a position of chieftain in its colony.
  • Flame - This refers to chieflame being a fire type and its exessively flame-like appearance.


Chieflame has a design resembling that of what it is based off, a chieftain. The mask-like flame resembles the tradisional masks that wild men used to wear during ceremonies and even battles. The flames running along the mask may resemble the feather hat chieftains used to wear. The robe and flame collar may resemble the outfit wild men wore long ago to protect themselves from cold weather.


Nature VariationEdit

Chieflame has no other natural variations that are currently known

Gender VariationEdit

Chieflame has no other gender variations that are currently known

Rare VariationEdit

Chieflame has a rare variation based on its color. The robe chieflame's rare variation wears has a much brighter tone.