Combustish is a dual type Fire/Water Dayan. It evolves into Firpleurodon at level 40.

Fish B V2
 General Information
Full Name Combustish
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Water/Fire
Rarity Uncommon
Species Flame Fish
 Battle Info
Catch Points 40
HP 35
ATK 40
DEF 30
SPD 20
RES 25
< N/A Firpleurodon >


Combustish's body is gray and has a similar shape to that of a typical fish's. There are blue patterns across it's scales. They have dark gray fins, a pair of red eyes and a mouth.


Combustish is a significantly fast dayan. It emits strong fires which can resist water. It is unknown how the fire it emits does not extinguish in water.

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Via Level

Move Type Level
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Via ScrollEdit

Move Type Level
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Combustish's name comes from two words. (Combust/Fish)

  • Combust - Refers to combustish's fire-related abilities.
  • Fish - The animal combustish resembles.


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Natural VariationEdit

Combustish has no natural variations that are currently known.

Gender VariationEdit

Combustish has no gender variations that are currently known.

Rare Variation
Fish A V2

Combustish has a rare variation. The patterns on it's scales are instead crimson and the combustish is more aggressive than normal. 

Other ArtEdit