Crystle Guardian
 General Information
Full Name Crystle Guardian
List Number Template:UNK
Version Generation 1
Battling Yes
Type(s) Psychic/Metal
Species Lady-bird
 Battle Info
Catch Points  ???
HP 125
ATK 55
DEF 150
SPD 25
RES 120
< Probably none Probably none >

Crystle Guardian is dual type Psychic/Metal with unknown evolutions.

Special abilityEdit

Compound: Magic crystals strengthen and give the alloy armor a resistance to sound-based attacks.


Crystle Guardian comes from the words: Beetle, crystal and guardian.

  • Beetle: Due to it's beetle-like appearance (sorta)
  • Crystal: Part of the body-structure is crystal
  • Guardian: It was created as a guardian to an empire


The Crystle Guardian is an ancient creature. A small group of (what's now) a long extinct species was converted and modified by the great Fusion empire.

The Crystle Guardians were modifies with the greatest resources that the entire empire had to offer. Their bodies were coated in a crystal/alloy compound capable of withstanding the toughest of impacts. The armour is said to be able to channel the Psychic powers of the Guardians.

They were created to protect the rulers. This gave them the title of "Guardians".

Ever since the first 10 were created, no more have been, the ones that were made have lived for centuries upon centuries...


  • It's mostly unknown as to how the Guardians were made.

Rare VariationEdit


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