Desavatok is an Ground/Dark-type Dayan. It evolves into ???.

 General Information
Full Name Desavatok
List Number  ???
Version Gen 1
Battling Yes
Type(s) Ground/Dark
Rarity Rare
Species Snake/Eel
 Battle Info
Catch Points  ???
HP Med/High
ATK High
DEF High
RES High
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Desavatok name comes from the two words Dark and Excavator.

Desavatok - From dark

Desavatok - excavator, because it excavates/tunnels through the ground


It tears through the ground, popping up whenever a target is found, using darkness to blind its opponent, before striking from beneath, or maybe not, it moves silently, on or below the ground, even through water.

Because of its ability to swim, it only takes 150% from water attacks, instead of 200%.

It has very strong jaws, but lacks teeth so it is forced to "crush" things in its mouth.


  • Its super-sharp fins allow it to glide through the ground with ease, those same fins are able to tear through flesh, leading to dark stories.
  • It is unknown how it is able to thrive in water, and have no issues with it, despite bieng ground, some believe it is done the same way as Exoverdae or [[Firpleurodon]].

Rare VariationEdit

The rare variation is born with far thicker and more rocky skin, while providing far better protection, it also makes it far less able to swim in water, it is almost completely inable to do so.

Dark ripper rare