Destructive Force is a Dragon-type move that causes for the user to unleash a wave of energy; dealing brutal amounts of damage and devestating the battlefield.

Destructive Force

None currently
Name Destructive Force
Type Dragon
Version Introduced in N/A
Effect(s) Reduces melee accuraccy, deals high damage to everything else on the field.
Rare Variation Only? No

Effects Edit

Hits the opponent and the battlefield with a brutal omnidirectional wave of energy.

In Io, Enceladus and Europa Edit

This move gives an automatic -10% accuraccy debuff to melee based moves (excluding flying ones) (this stacks to 30%) and deals high damage to every other dayan on the field. This move has a cooldown however of a single turn.

Dayans who can learn this Edit

Via Level Edit

None currently.

Via Scroll Edit

None currently.

Trivia Edit

  • Competitions considered banning this move as a result of it posing a serious risk to those watching.