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 General Information
Full Name Glaceope
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Ice
Rarity Very Rare
Species Snowflake Dayan
 Battle Info
Catch Points 15
HP 50
ATK 60
DEF 60
SPD 60
RES 70
< Bunnice N/A >
Glaceope is an Ice-type Dayan

It evolves from Bunnice when given a Lunar Gem.


Glaceope looks like a white rabbit standing on its legs. Glaceope has two horns that differentiate in every glaceope, so it does not have a fixed shape. Its head has black eyes with white pupils and also has a ring on its forehead. Under that is a fluffy collar made of fur. Under that is its body, which has a ark line running across it and two skinny arms . It has two big legs each with two dark rings, one on its knee and one on its foot. It has a very short yet very broad tail with three dark rings on it.


Glaceopes are mysterious creature that holds mystical titles. Although we know where bunnices live, it is still quite unknown where glaceopes do, since almost all of tamed glaceopes come from evolved tamed bunnices. There are still quite a few wild glaceopes that are said to have been seen floating across the night sky, however not much can be learnt from this.

There are a lot of tales of folklore about this dayan even hundreds of years ago. Some say that the only way to catch wild glaceopes are to leave a glass of milk in the middle of the coldest forests and set a trap to catch the glaceope. However, it is said that if wild glaceope sences danger, it may release an aroma that causes anyone that smells it to become drunk as if they've drank a dozen barrels of wine causing them to become dizzy and faint. Because of this, glaceope has been used as labels on beer bottles to warn that it is a strong brew.


By LevelEdit

Move Type Level
Icebreaker Ice 34
Curse Ghost 42
Ice Punch Ice 45
Psychic Psychic 50
Empty World Dragon 65

By ScrollEdit

Move Type Level
Confusion Psychic 40
Amnesia Psychic 45
Forbidden Power ??? 60


  • Glaceope and its fairytales may be based on the jackalope, a mythical rabbit with horns.


Glaceope's name comes from two words, glacier and jackalope.

  • Glacier - A river of slow moving ice, referring to glaceope being an ice-type.
  • Jackalope - A mythical rabbit that has horns, referring to glaceope.


Nature VariationsEdit

Glaceope has no other nature variations that are currently known.

Gender VariationsEdit

Glaceope has no other gender variations that are currently known.

Alternate FormsEdit

Glaceope has no other alternate forms that are currently known

Rare VariationsEdit

Glaceope has a rare variation based on its color. The fur of glaceope's rare variation has a much darker tone.