Kroakan is a Poison/Sound-type Dayan, It evolves from Tadblof if its tail fully generates, then into an unknown dayan in unknown means. 

Created by HyperKingHesham
 General Information
Full Name Kroakan
List Number #???
Version  ???
Battling Template:UNK
Type(s) Poison/Sound
Rarity Uncommon
Species Template:UNK
 Battle Info
Catch Points  ?
HP 70
ATK 60
DEF 60
SPD 55
RES 55
< Tadblof  ??? >


Kroakan comes from Kroak the sound a Frog makes and a random word "An"


Kroakans are used as scouts in many countries that are in war, due to the fact that Kroakans can make a very loud noise, Kroakans will poison enemies if necessary.


  • Even though their pre-evo Tadblofs are rarely seen, Kroakans can be seen in deep jungles jumping or making noise. This is because Tadblofs have to hide in caves.

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