Created by GlazeRedwood
Gender Female
Race Aquosa
Home Town Crystam
Occupation Crystam Gym Leader
Other Specialization Water-type Dayan

Water Shows

Sisters N/A
Other N/A
Marina is a Gym Leader of Crystam Town's Gym, known as the Crystam Gym. Because of this, she has been given the title, "Crystal Maiden". Trainers who defeat her will receive an Aquos Badge. She specializes in training Water-type Dayan and is also a water show performer.


In total, Marina has 8 Dayan. She changes her Dayan every rematch.


1st Battle

Dayan Picture Level
Pugnakoi Pugnakoi 20
Capilium Capilium 23
Bellukoi Bellukoi 28


1st Rematch

Dayan Picture Level
Bellukoi Bellukoi 25
Capflorem Capflorem 30
Patturplop Patturplop2 30
Tuvolvolus Tuvolvolus 32

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