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 General Information
Full Name Mudbill
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Template:UNK
Type(s) Ground/Water
Rarity Common
Species Template:UNK
 Battle Info
Catch Points Template:UNK
HP 30
DEF 25
SPD 12
RES 37
< N/A Claypus >
Mudbill is a dual Ground/Water type Dayan. It evolves into Claypus.


Mudbill's name comes from two words (Mud/duck-bill).

  • Mud: It refers to what Mudbill lurks around in.
  • Duck-bill: What it actually is.


Mudbills are small and harmless creatures. On land they are slower than seals, but in water, they swim quite fast. They eat mud and dirt, so they can extract the nutrients. They can fill up like small clay pots.

Peaceful or Battling?

As Mudbills are too weak, they were, are, and never going to be introduced into battling tournaments.


  • Mudbills also use the mud they collect to make large city-like dens.
    • Their skin is as hard as hardened clay.

Rare Variation

Mudbill has a rare variation based on color. Mudbill's rare variation changes its skin color to warmer tones.

Lel rare