Created by Emeraldgreeny
 General Information
Full Name Nea
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling No
Type(s) Ice
Rarity Common
Species Snowman
 Battle Info
Catch Points Template:UNK
HP 20
ATK 30
DEF 40
SPD 30
RES 10
< Nun Zădune >
Nea is an Ice type Dayan.

It evolves from Nun when the spring comes and evolves into Zădune when the next winter arrives.


Nea's body is made out of white, shinny snow. The ability to change temperature around them has been replaced with much higher intellectual. The little legs move like muscles. The curly decoration on top of its head would resemble a haircut. The eyes are made out of coal as well. It can also imitate what it hears, just like parrots. It is inexplicable how it does that, as dissection showed it have no internal organs.


Neas live on the snowy clouds and they pump the snow in the winter to the earth. Between the spring and winter, the newly came Neas learn how to craft snow from the older Neas. They get a colored scarf as welcome. The scarf is crocheted from thin dried ice threads. It is unknown how they got the color on.


  • Neas were once hard to catch, but nowadays, they get tricked with cold baits to fall off a cloud and come to the ground. They now help humans with random winter activities.
    • It is illegal to keep a Nea in the heat. Doing so will make you end in jail for 20 years.
  • Neas are very clever. Alongside scientists, they will invent better uses for dried ice.


Nea means snow in Romanian.


It was meant to be a cute icy creature. The scarf meant to imply a probable weakness to Nea, as is still needs some kind of protection.


Nature Variation

Nea has a natural variation based on color. Sometimes, Neas have purple scarfs instead of green ones. Lol rare

Gender Variation

Nea has no other gender variations that are currently known.

Alterable Forms

Nea has no other alterable forms that are currently known.

Rare Variation

Nea has no other rare variations that are currently known.