Oceofa is a Water/Ground-type Dayan. It evolves from a Petoto at level 12.

 General Information
Full Name Oceofa
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Water - Ground
Rarity Common
Species Sea Swine Dayan
 Battle Info
Catch Points 35
HP 40
ATK 60
DEF 45
SPD 85
RES 40
< Petoto N/A >


Oceofas are much larger than Petotos, but are still small in comparison to human beings. The body of an Oceofa resembles that of a caterpillar's. They have a pair of dark blue eyes and a blue snout, and five pairs of legs, as does a Petoto. They also have the same large ears that Petotos do. They have blue curly tails which are similar to that of a pig's. They also seem to have lump-like formations all over their body. They have light blue underbellies.


Oceofas are slightly less vulnerable than Petotos, as they have longer bodies which allow them to move around more swiftly. Their body still has a jelly-like consistency, allowing human beings or other larger animals to kill them with ease by stepping on them, but their ears allow them to detect predators from large distances. When this ability is combined with their amazing speed, they can escape from any situation as such. In the wild, Oceofas are often seen leading Petotos around everywhere in order to make sure none of them get lost and are killed by predators. In battle, they are used much more than Petotos, as they are stronger and faster, and are able to learn many more attacks.


Via LevelEdit

Move Type Level
Cannonball Ground 12
Vengeance Normal 16
Victory Dance Normal 22
Ultrasound Wave Sound 30

Via ScrollEdit

Move Type Level
Current Water 18
Grounded Ground 20
Frost Blast Ice 23
Water Dome Water 28



Oceofa's name comes from two words. (Ocean/Scofa)

  • Ocean - Where Oceofas are found in the wild.
  • Scofa - Part of the latin/scientific name for pigs.


Petoto's design is inspired by Seapigs, which may also be known as Scotoplanes or Sea Cucumbers. Certain features of it's design, such as it's curly tail, are inspired by actual pigs.


Natural VariationEdit

Petoto has no natural variations that are currently known.

Gender VariationEdit

Petoto has no gender variations that are currently known.

Rare VariationEdit

Petoto has a rare variation. Petoto's colour scheme becomes warmer and resembles the colour scheme of a pig.