Octosalt is a Water-type Dayan, it evolves from Squiggly and evolves to Octograb at Level 35. 

Created by HyperKing Hesham
 General Information
Full Name Octosalt
List Number #???
Version  ???
Battling Yes
Type(s) Water
Rarity Uncommon
Species Template:UNK
 Battle Info
Catch Points Template:UNK
HP 50
ATK 40
DEF 40
SPD 40
RES 44
< Squiggly Octograb >


HKH VerEdit

Octosalt has a quite big light-purple body, it has four legs that are very pointy. Like its pre-evo and evo it has its eyes closed. It also has a slight blush under its eyes. Octosaltrenewed

Glaze VerEdit

Octosalt has a quite small purple body, it has six legs instead of four, Like its pre-evo and evo it has its red eyes opened, it also has a bunch of salt spikes coming out of its head.


Octosalts are usually lone wolfs in their family, this is however unexplained.

Octosalts can also be hostile against their own evo and pre-evos, this is also unexplained why.


Move Type Level Scroll
Tentagrab Water 25 Yes
Water Choke Water 28 Yes
Tentasting Water 30 No
Stream Water 35 Yes


  • Octosalts are never found near their family or other Octograbs.


Octosalt's design is based on an Octopus and a Squid.


Nature VariationEdit

Octosalt doesn't have other nature variations.

Gender VariationEdit

Octosalt doesn't have other gender variations.

Rare VariationsEdit

Octosalt doesn't have other rare variations.