By Fishy
 General Information
Full Name Patturplop
List Number #???
Version  ???
Battling Template:UNK
Type(s) Water - Ghost
Rarity Very Rare
Species Depressing
 Battle Info
Catch Points 21
HP 55
ATK 55
DEF 40
SPD 40
RES 40
< Patapat Precilumn >
Patturplop is a dual-type Water/Ghost-type Dayan. It evolves from Patapat and evolves into Precilumn.


Patturplop's name comes from the two words Pattur and Plop.

  • Pattur - A corruption of patter, referencing to rain pattering on a surface.
  • Plop - Referencing to rain plopping onto a surface.


A Patapat evolves into a Patturplop on the most miserable day of it's life. They take needing time to be alone to a whole new level - when someone that has not earned a Patturplop's trust approaches it, the Patturplop will puff out the cloud-like fur around it's neck, pushing them away. It's touch will cause any dayan to become temporarily sad or pessimistic at the least.


  • Depression is sometimes called Patturplop Syndrome.

Rare VariationEdit

Patturplop has a rare variation based on saturation/brightness. It is a more greyish colour, and the indigo parts of it's body are covered in what looks like dirt patches, but in reality, are only patches like those on a dog's fur.

Patturplop var2