Petoto is a Normal-type Dayan. It evolves into an Oceofa at level 12.

 General Information
Full Name Petoto
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Normal - Water
Rarity Very Common
Species Aqua-Pig Dayan
 Battle Info
Catch Points 55
HP 15
ATK 25
DEF 20
SPD 45
RES 20
< N/A Oceofa >


Petoto's body consists of a grayish-aqua jelly-like blob. Petoto's face consists of a pair of small, black-blue eyes, a dark blue snout that resembles a pig's snout and a pair of dark blue ears sprouting out of the top of it's head.


Petotos are noticeably more vulnerable than most dayan, as their squishy, jelly-like structure leaves them as easy prey for predators. They are usually found deep at the bottom of the ocean, but are often found washed up on shores, where people can take them in as pets. Petotos' long ears allow them to sense predators from large distances, allowing them to make an escape. Since they don't weigh much, they are able to move much more quickly than people would expect. Their speed makes them harder to catch than other dayan. Some people may use them in battle, taking advantage of their incredible speed.


Via LevelEdit

Move Type Level
Vibrate Sound 2
Tackle Normal 5
Evade Flying 7
Dive Water 11

Via ScrollEdit

Move Type Level
Stream Water 8
Sparkly Fountain Water 11
Hibernate Ice 11



Petoto's name comes from two words. (Petite/Scoto)

  • Petite - This refers to Petoto's size.
  • Scoto - Part of the latin/scientific name for seapigs.


Petoto's design is inspired by Seapigs, which may also be known as Scotoplanes or Sea Cucumbers. Certain features of it's design, such as it's nose, are inspired by actual pigs.


Natural VariationEdit

Petoto has no natural variations that are currently known.

Gender VariationEdit

Petoto has no gender variations that are currently known.

Rare VariationEdit

Petoto has a rare variation. Petoto's colour scheme becomes warmer and resembles the colour scheme of a pig.