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 General Information
Full Name Petraguis
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Rock - Water
Rarity Common
Species Hard Claw Dayan
 Battle Info
Catch Points 70
HP 20
ATK 30
DEF 20
SPD 20
RES 40
< N/A Gravuis >
Petraguis is a dual-type Rock/Water Dayan.

It evolves into Gravuis when levelled up inside caves starting at level 28.


Petraguis are crustaceans witha shell resembling a ragged rock inside caves. Its head shell has a small horn that resembles small stalagmites. Its arms are divided into three sections, each with a different shade of gray. The biggest one which is the claw, is divided into two sections, with the top one having a brighter shade while the bottom one has a darker shade. Its main head has a darker shade of gray with two white eyes with red corneas. Under that is a pair of short legs with three on each side.


Petraguis are crustaceans that lurk under rocks inside caves. The rocks they shelter in are often the size of a minivan, with some even being the size of half a train. They also prefer and fight for the dryer areas inside the cave causing a huge fight for territory.

They dislike water very much and thus tries to avoid wet areas and even tiny water droplets. This is because the shell of petraguis can easiliy become brittle once in contact with water, causing it to break off. Therefore, they will only allow their main skin to make contact with water, that is only for important circumstances such as drinking and washing their eyes.

When the shell of a petraguis breaks off, it will become highly vulnerable thus attacks landed on it are three times more powerful. This causes petraguis to stop whatever they are doing and find a good shelter for them to temporarily stay at while awaiting their shell to regrow. It takes about a week or for a shell to regrow, but luckily the petraguis has the ability to live without food for a month, that is if it avoids doing energy-consuming tasks such as battling.



Petraguis's name comes from two words, petra and unguis.

  • Petra - Latin for rock, referring to its rock-like structure
  • Unguis - Latin for claw, referring to the two big rock claws it uses to battle


Since petraguis is a crab, its design may be illustrated litterally on rock lobster, another crustacean in the lobster species.


Natural VariationEdit

Petraguis has no other natural variations that are currently known

Gender VariationEdit

Petraguis has no other gender variations that are currently known

Alterable FormsEdit

Petraguis has no other alterable forms that are currently known

Rare VariationEdit

Petraguis has a rare variation based on its color. The whole shell of petraguis's rare variation has a brownish-green tint.