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 General Information
Full Name Pierokana
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes
Type(s) Psychic
Rarity Uncommon
Species Clown
 Battle Info
Catch Points Template:UNK
HP 60
ATK 30
DEF 10
SPD 10
RES 40
< Jojūku N/A >

Pierokana is a Psychic type Dayan. It evolves from Jojūku. Its signature move is Scary Clown.


This creature is not higher than an average 6 year old child. It has blue skin with white markings near its small black eyes. It has a big purple afro, and is always flashing a big smile, revealing really big teeth. Its clothing is a simple purple and green shirt, blue pants, white gloves and purple shoes.


Pierokanas were once living by themselves, in little settlements (village structured). But humans captured and domesticated most of them. They now live like little humans, helping people with random things. They can also be big mischiefs and prank people and/or other Dayans a lot.


Move Type Level Scroll
Purify Normal Any Yes
Scary Clown Psychic Any Yes
Clear Sight Psychic Any No
Spine Tingling Ghost Any No


  • Pierokanas work alongside clowns and/or in TV shows, films, etc.


Pierokana's name comes from two words (Piero/Orokana)

  • Piero - Japanese for "clown"
  • Orokana - Japanese for "silly"


Nature Variation

Pierokana has no other nature variations that are currently known.

Gender Variation

Pierokana has no other gender variations that are currently known.

Alterable Forms

Pierokana has no other alterable forms that are currently known.

Rare Variations

Pierokana has a rare variation based on dimensions. Pierokana's rare variation has bigger and fluffier hair. Also, bigger eyes can be seen.

Pierokana rare


None at the moment.