Poxpanion is a Poison-type Dayan. It evolves Into ???.

 General Information
Full Name Poxpanon
List Number Template:UNK
Version Gen 1
Battling Yes
Type(s) Poison
Species Virus
 Battle Info
Catch Points 80
HP 85
ATK 40
DEF 30
SPD 10
RES 20
< Template:UNK Template:UNK >


Poxpanon's name comes from poison and expand

  • Po + on - Poison: its type
  • xpan - expand: What it does


A very rare infestation, all they seem to do is expand, getting much bigger and far more powerful the longer it is left alone, when new, they are farly easy to bring down, but if allowed to expand, it can quickly overpower most dayans, people are forced to break through the expanded body, making way to the center, once the core is defeated, the whole thing goes down. if linked with a crystal/ring however, it can be recalled quite easily and the excess expansion is removed.


  • All of the growth is breakable, yet the dayan itself isn't.
  • The black partacles emmitted are said to help protect the Poxpanon, but not much research has been done on this.

Rare VariationEdit


Considerably cuter varientsEdit

Poxpanon for Hypno



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