Most Dayans have a type of variation called a Rare Variation. Rare Variations are a variation of a certain Dayan that has a different feature that what should have.

Types Of Rare Variations

For now, there are only 4 types of rare variations, which are: number variations, color variations, dimension variations and inversion variations. Most Dayans only have one, but a few can have more than 2.

Number Variation

Number Variations include a Dayan having more or less of a certain feature than it should. This includes more/less heads, feet and others.

Some Dayans that have rare number variations are:

Color Variation

Color Variations include a Dayan having different colors of certain or all body parts. This includes different colored eyes, fur or even all of its body parts.

Some Dayans that have rare color variations are:

Dimension Variation

Dimension Variations include a Dayan having some features have different dimensions, including larger hair, limbs, etc.

Some Dayans that have rare dimension variations are:

Inversion Variation

Inversion Variations include a Dayan's bodily feature(s) being put their other ways around.

Some Dayans that have rare inversion variations are:

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