General Information
Full Name Soure
List Number Template:UNK
Version Gen 1
Battling Yes
Type(s) Electric / Sound
Rarity Highly Rare
Species Unknown
 Battle Info
Catch Points  ???
HP 120
ATK 45
DEF 80
SPD 50
RES 80
< Unknown Unknown >

Soure is a dual type Electric/Sound type Dayan.


Soure originates from the words "Sound and core".

  • Sound: One of the types are sound
  • Core: Named after the Infamous core of Soures

Description 1Edit

A surprisingly calm creature, the few that exist are typically in packs. Soure's only attack when neccecary. They're incredibly effective at attacking however, powered by a super-powerful fusion core.

They comminicate over huge distances using high pitched sounds beyond what most other things can hear.

Reproduction is achieved cores undergoing a sort of "mitosis" the core then generates a body around it to fully create a new Soure.

Description 2Edit

Soure's are mostly well known for the insides, or the very little they have. Housed within an incredibly durable chassis is a fusion core. The core is more than capable of feeding the Soure masses of power when needed. Skilled Soure's are even capable of drawing extra power at will.

The core however is highly dangerous. It continues to run even inside a deceased Soure, these cores are capable of becoming highly unstable and destructive. Whilst the Soure doesn't need true food, it consumes things to give the core things to fuse.

Rarely Soure couples can join together to make a single far more powerful creature with a vastly enhanced core.

Peaceful or Battling?Edit

They are often peaceful, but they can battle very effectively.


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Female variationEdit

There's no picture for it ATM, but it looks incredibly simular to the male counterpart however the sound-holes seem more like octogons rather than the circles found on males.

Rare variationEdit

None ATM.

Mega core

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