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  • Emeraldgreeny

    Mah Ideas c:

    November 7, 2013 by Emeraldgreeny

    Yeah so I was talking with Fish on chat and I need to write everything.

    So. The Dayan Types

    My way >:'D

    I think it should be like this:

    • Earthling
      • Organic
        • Animalistic
          • Water, Fire, Ground, etc.
        • Non-Animalistic
          • Water, Fire BLAH
        • Humanoid
          • Water, Blah
      • Unorganic
        • Animalistic, Non-Animalistic, Humanoid
    • Alien
      • Organic, Unorganic
        • Animalistic, Non-Animalistic, Humanoid

    Also, More types:

    ONLY Non-Animalistic: Food type

    Organic/Unorganic: Sound type


    Read more >

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