This is a blog post on what we recommend your Dayan be like.


It is not advised to make Dayan which has humanoid features. This is so that the Dayan created looks original. A little bit of humanoid features are allowed if you think it would improve the looks.

Something Natural

It is highly advised to make a Dayan that doesn't look too much like things that originally exist. For instance, it is not recommended to just take a doll and suddenly add a smily on it. Instead, you can change a few features such as colors or repositioning of its features. This is to make sure the Dayan looks like something that comes from nature, and not just a creepy creation of a mad scientist.

Blend up clothes

It is not advised to add clothes to Dayan, as this may give it a non-natural look. In this case, you could either not add clothes, or you could blend the clothes with the Dayan. Clothing can blend in with your Dayan by making it look like it is actually a natural feature(body parts) of the said Dayan. This can be done by making it look like it is attached to the Dayan and the color should blend in with the Dayan.

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