As you may notice, the Dayan template has a little bug in its biodata, the species. While editting it, you will see it as status, and thus may confuse you to write things like "single". However, once you look it in preview, it will appear as species. Therefore, I guess I have no other option but to fix this to prevent anymore future confusions. 

However, there is a slight little bug that the dayan pages will encounter. Once I change this tiny little problem, every single thing that is written in "status|species" will be deleted, and a new correct one will appear. This correct one will replace the old one completely, therefore anything that is written in the "status|species" section will be deleted and thus need to be re-editted.

I am informing this to you all so you can take a final look at the "status|species" section. This is so you can remember it and redo it on the fixed template. To prevent anyone from getting left behind, I will do this action in the next 12 hours or so. I hope you all are informed of this blog. Feel free to comment on this blog if you have other oppinions in ways to save the "status|species" section.

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