In this blog, we will be planning on what in pokemon is called the gym leaders and the elite four. Tell me what you think

Guardian (Gym Leaders)

Guardian Town/City Type Info Strategy Reward
Hills Iterium Town Ground

Works part time to mine element stones

Uses stone-buffed dayan Gives the Bronze Pickaxe



Cherrich Town Dark

A little girl with an astonishing reputation

Uses dayan with attacks that flinches Grants the ability to use Flash



Fulivia City Normal

A normal guy, except his wealth and love of battling

Every single one of his dayan learnt Charm

Gives you the Serene Card

Blaze Balrog Town Fire

Hot to the looks and hot to the touch

Battles in a battlefield with sunny weather  Gives you the Air Lock move
Rose Fawntellier Town Plant

Caring but merciless  during battle

Likes to use moves that causes status ailments Gives you 5 Plain Flutes
Errica Eastwind Town Flying

Enjoys doing air shows to compete with Marina

Uses dayan holding speed increasing items Gives you the Evade move
Smith Mandel Town Metal

Forges the finest  japanese weaponry

Likes to use attack -increasing items on his dayan Gives you the Shiny Steel



Crystam Town Water

Enjoys doing water shows to compete with Errica

Most of her Dayan learnt healing moves Gives you the Crystal Glass
Jock Vern City Fighting

His love of girls will never beat his love of battles

Starts every battle with a buff  Gives you the Training Weights



??Town?? Ghost

A mysterious guy, actually unsure if he's really a guy

Uses 1-2 dayan only, but at a high level ???

Superiors(Elite Four)

Superior Type Info
Frozina Ice

Hates ice-cream, don't

know why

Ruby Rock

She loves Dayans as much

as she loves jewelry

Avril Sound

Let em' know that she's

still ROCK N' ROLL

Zack Electric

He's already used to getting

shocked, as well as his Dayans

Vern Dragon

He studies about dragons

much more than he battles

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