(Insert dayan name)
Created by (Creator)
 General Information
Full Name (Insert dayan name)
List Number #N/A
Version N/A
Battling Yes/No
Type(s) (PrimaryType/*SecondaryType)
Rarity (Common/Uncommon/Rare/Very Rare/Ultra Rare/Legendary/Fossil)
Species (Insert what it is based off, can be solid or abstract)
 Battle Info
Catch Points (Common-100>80/Uncommon-79>60/Rare-59>40/Very Rare-39-20/Legendary-5>1/Fossil-N/A)
HP Insert Health
ATK Insert Attack
DEF Insert Defence
SPD Insert Speed
RES Insert Resistance
< What it evolves from What it evolves into >
(DayanName) is a (1 Type= (DayanType)-type Dayan/2 Types= dual-type (PrimaryType)/(SecondaryType) Dayan.

Pick any of the below format, depending on evolution.

  • NoEvolve = It is not known to evolve into or from any other dayan
  • Evolve1/3 = It evolves into (Evolution) and finally into (FinalEvolution)
  • Evolve2/3 = It evolves from (PreEvolution) and into (Evolution)
  • Evolve3/3 = It evolves from (PreEvolution) and is the final evolution of (FirstEvolution)


  • What it looks like
  • Must be in one paragraph
  • Must cover at least 2 lines in edit page


  • Write about general information of dayan
    • Natural habitats and why
    • Natural behavior
    • Tales and folklore
  • Must have at least 2 paragraphs
    • Each have to be based on different information
    • Each must have at least 3 sentences
    • Each must cover at least 3 lines in the edit page


By Level

Move Type Level
Move learnt Move type Level of learning
More More MOAR!!!

By [[Scroll]

Move Type Level
Move learnt through scroll Move type Minimum level for scroll use
More More I SAY MORE!!!


  • Technical information.
  • Examples are:
    • Although this dayan is a water type, it can learn almost half of fire type moves.
    • If this dayan changes to its second form, it will not return to its original form when called back into their ring.
    • If hatched from an egg, this dayan will start at level 10.
  • The above are not mandatory, and can be skipped and left as blank.


(DayanName)'s name comes from (#Name), (orinname#1), (originname#2) and *(originname#3)

  • (originname#1) - (Meaning and relation to this dayan)
  • (originname#2) - (" ")
  • (originname#3) - (" ")


(Where did the idea come from/what is it based off/how does it represent what it is based off)


Nature Variations (Difference in appearance depending on habitat/nature/howitisfound/other)

(DayanName) has another/(varAmount) more variations depending on (factor).


'Gender Variations' (Difference in appearance depending on gender)

(DayanName) has different variations based on its gender.



'Alternate Forms' (Other forms that the dayan can take/change into based on (factor))

(DayanName) has the ability to switch to (formAmount) more forms, based on (factor)


Rare Variation (A rarer, unusual variation(shiny).)

(DayanName) has a rare variation based on (color/number/dimension). (Difference)



  • Dayan
  • Type

(Words with * behind them is optional, depending on the number of factors)

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