aka Ciril Aguirre

  • I live in Nashville
  • I was born on April 13
  • My occupation is Chairperson of dayan maker ciril
  • I am Male
  • Overniusher


    November 16, 2013 by Overniusher

    Flufallow is a Normal Dayan. It evolves into a Fiemore

    Fluffalow's name comes from two words (Fluffy/Marshmallow)

    • Fluffy - What it feels when squeezing
    • Marshmallow - What it is

    This Dayan is usually in Convenience store. They are peaceful but sometimes fight with each other.

    • They don't call it fighting, they call it playing. They don't hurt each other because they're fluffy.

    It doesn't have a rare variation but has a female version. Its eyes are pink and has a ribbon.

    Am I allow to make this a page?

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  • Overniusher


    November 13, 2013 by Overniusher

    Hypney is a Normal Dayan.

    Hypney name comes from two words (Hypnotize/Coney)

    • Hypnotize - What it does
    • Coney - What it is(rabbit)

    This Dayan is usually peaceful but when it gets into a fight or gets mad, it hypnotizes its enemy to attack itself. Usually found in North and South America

    • It was a combination of 2 endangered Dayans that are extinct now.

    Hypney's variation is based on color. It has a red tint.

    Am I allow to make this a page?

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