• Pepearl

    Dayan Quiz 2.0

    May 5, 2015 by Pepearl

    New levels every Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

    1. What is this wiki called?

    2. What colour(s) is the wiki logo?

    1. Who is the founder of the wiki?

    2. How many Dayan types are there?

    3. How many Dayan guardians are there?

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  • Pepearl


    November 14, 2013 by Pepearl

    1. What type(s) is Lutari? -ANSWERED BY EMERALDGREENY-

    2. What dayan is a Dragon/Flying type?

    3. What type is the move Scary Clown?

    4. What dayan(s) are Water/Ghost type(s)? -ANSWERED BY GLAZEREDWOOD-

    5. When was Marina's page made?

    1. What was the first ever dayan created on the wiki? -ANSWERD BY GLAZEREDWOOD-

    2. What does Patturplop's name derive from? -ANSWERED BY OVERNIUSHER-

    3. What type does not have a pokemon equivalent? -ANSWERED BY HYPNO1337-

    4. What dayan type does Angel specialize in?

    5. What are Bounseed and Mileseed based on?

    6. What is greeny's friend's first dayan? -ANSWERED BY HYPERKING HESHAM-

    1. How does Caswan evolve?

    2. Owning a Silkwan costs how much? -ANSWERED BY OVERNIUSHER-

    3. What two dayan in the same evolutionary line are known as t…

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  • Pepearl


    November 7, 2013 by Pepearl

    This ish a list of categories I think should be made :o

    -Dayan that do not evolve

    -Dayan in a 1-stage evolutionary line

    -Dayan in a 2-stage evolutionary line

    -Dayan in a 3-stage evolutionary line

    -Dual-type Dayan

    -Monotype Dayan

    PS: Are we going to make a list number thing eventually? Whatever it's going to be called (Before you say pokemon-cliche it's on the infobox)

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  • Pepearl

    Dayan Ideas

    October 26, 2013 by Pepearl

    'i am a pineapple!' -Fishy

    Hallo, I have thought of more ideas, tell me what you think (obviously) :3

    I mentioned this before on the page for types - we should make types that don't have pokemon equivalents :O

    please not light

    I haven't came up with many, but here they are:

    seriously don't suggest light please


    Any Dayan related to or based on anything related to astronomical thingies would fit with this type :o

    EG: Lunocte and Lunern could be Dark/Astro


    I was thinking we could rename Dragon to this type so you could fit more Dayan into the type EG Dinosaurs, ancient things, mythical creatures etc

    EG: this doesn't need an example

    -A type that..

    ..has no strengths or weaknesses, offensively or defensively. Pretty muc…

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