'i am a pineapple!' -Fishy

Hallo, I have thought of more ideas, tell me what you think (obviously) :3


I mentioned this before on the page for types - we should make types that don't have pokemon equivalents :O

please not light

I haven't came up with many, but here they are:

seriously don't suggest light please


Any Dayan related to or based on anything related to astronomical thingies would fit with this type :o

EG: Lunocte and Lunern could be Dark/Astro


I was thinking we could rename Dragon to this type so you could fit more Dayan into the type EG Dinosaurs, ancient things, mythical creatures etc

EG: this doesn't need an example

-A type that..

..has no strengths or weaknesses, offensively or defensively. Pretty much a neutral type.

EG: Derpflai and Musdumb could POTENTIALLY be Bug/This type.

I don't really care if you dislike this idea because I'm not sure about this myself :3


This really counts more about the wiki than the actual idea of Dayan, but there needs to be moar categories. Says it all on mah other blog post.


About evolving..

I noticed that on pages it just says that the Dayan evolves; what I want to know is how :3

If levels don't exist in Dayan I'll change the evolution methods of my Dayan that level up to evolve, but still :o

EG: Félinata has a 5% chance to evolve into a Kokamata every midnight that it is awake.

I also plan on making a Dayan with a branched evolution line based on various song genres/dances.


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