Easy Level

1. What type(s) is Lutari? -ANSWERED BY EMERALDGREENY-

2. What dayan is a Dragon/Flying type?

3. What type is the move Scary Clown?

4. What dayan(s) are Water/Ghost type(s)? -ANSWERED BY GLAZEREDWOOD-

5. When was Marina's page made?

Medium Level

1. What was the first ever dayan created on the wiki? -ANSWERD BY GLAZEREDWOOD-

2. What does Patturplop's name derive from? -ANSWERED BY OVERNIUSHER-

3. What type does not have a pokemon equivalent? -ANSWERED BY HYPNO1337-

4. What dayan type does Angel specialize in?

5. What are Bounseed and Mileseed based on?

6. What is greeny's friend's first dayan? -ANSWERED BY HYPERKING HESHAM-

Hard Level

1. How does Caswan evolve?

2. Owning a Silkwan costs how much? -ANSWERED BY OVERNIUSHER-

3. What two dayan in the same evolutionary line are known as the Cute Creature Dayan?

4. Patturplop is associated with what mental disorder?

5. An urban legend involves a college student finding a strange creature in it's dorm eating what 2 dayans?

6. What was Fishy's first dayan? -ANSWERED BY HYPERKING HESHAM-

7. What was the first blog on this wiki about? -ANSWERED BY HYPNO1337-

8. What dayan can convert sound energy into shockwaves?

9. What is the water-type starter? -ANSWERED BY GLAZEREDWOOD-

10. What are game versions Io, Enceladus and Europa's names derived from? -ANSWERED BY OVERNIUSHER-

11. If Dragon-type is to Firpleurodon, Flying-type is to what?

12. The elite four are known as what in Dayan? -ANSWERED BY OVERNIUSHER-

13. What wikia category does Dayan Wiki fall under? -ANSWERED BY OVERNIUSHER-

14. How big an area can the chemicals in a Musdumb's light bulb light up?

15. Name every category that are added to dayan articles.

16. Hanflop dies when exposed to what?

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